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LibHTP relicensed from ASLv2 to BSD

May 22, 2012

Last week we changed the license of LibHTP from the Apache Software License version 2 (ASLv2) to a BSD 3-clause. We did this to work around GPLv2 incompatibilities in the Apache license (incompatibilities acknowledged in the Apache Licensing FAQ). In particular, the old licensing impeded collaboration with the excellent folks at the OISF: they couldn’t move to a more recent version, nor could they give back necessary improvements that they’d made.

We debated and discussed several strategies, for example, dual licensing or specific exceptions, but in the end settled on re-licensing as the simplest change that got both FOSS projects “unstuck.” Further, with LibHTP being a library, we wished to use a license that would enable as many projects as possible to rely on it.

So, please, use and enjoy LibHTP.

IronBee is an open source project to build a universal web application firewall engine.


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